JUNE 15TH & 16TH 2024



Classroom Pass | Cosmic Summit Day 3

The third day of Cosmic Summit 2024 will have our Classroom day. 

We present a total of 4 classes, get your pass for just $350 per classroom ($200 for Taurid Pass holders).

Is The Forgotten Technology Back!?

In addition to the weekend of Demonstration, Testing and Lectures concerning the non-polluting Thunderstorm Generator (the first demonstrated re-utilization of Plasmoid Technology since King Solomon) re-inventor Malcolm Bendall will conduct a day long deep dive into his work. He will be joined in the Monday Classroom Lectures by independent investigators: Cold fusion researcher Mr. Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, and Australian mathematician Mr. Jordan Collin of @AlchemicalScience. Professor Bendall intends to reveal all the information he shared on the unpublished 2023 Joe Rogan podcast, the #NoShowJoeShow. Could it be that the advanced technology of prehistory has returned? Witness the first appearance of Bendall in 2024, along with functioning machines, and independent analysis. See for yourself what they don’t want you to know, record it, and ask questions.

Randall Carlson and Team: Sacred Geometry and Cosmic Catastrophe

Can you handle even more Randall??!! Carlson and his curated  team of experts enter a private lecture hall for a day-long cosmic exploration. This exclusive event is designed for superfans who want to delve deeeeep into the truth behind the myths and legends that have fascinated man for millenia. With a focus on cosmic catastrophes, sacred geometry, Atlantis, and anything the big guy wants talk about, this is an unplugged, interactive, must-see event for anyone interested in the truth.

Scott Wolter, Tim Hogan, Haley Ramsey: The Templars and Atlantis

The world’s most informed experts in the esoteric ancient traditions of the Knights Templar will reveal new and astonishing information about Atlantis and the Knights. What did the Templars know about our true past, and what do they believe the future holds? Scott and Tim are eager to share the real deal with an exclusive audience.