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In June 2023, curious humans from twelve nations and 42 US States gathered for a remarkable intellectual and interpersonal journey at the Cosmic Summit in Asheville. The event’s debut demonstrated that combining published scientists and popular speculators with an enthusiastic global crowd and a kick-ass stage is a winning formula for human understanding.

Prepare for a more extraordinary gathering in 2024. We are extending an invitation to hundreds of global attendees to explore additional jaw-dropping Earth and human history insights. More attendees, more speakers, and more captivating information await, all shared with like-minded individuals in a relaxed and affordable setting.

Once again the Cosmic Summit will deep dive the latest discoveries on the well-published Younger Dryas Impact Event, More Recent Cosmic Impacts, A Suspected Lost Civilization, Clovis People, The Black Mat, Megafaunal Extinctions, Gobekli Tepe, Forgotten Ancient Technologies, Controversial Archaeology, Atlantis, Megalithic Monument Building, The Knights Templar, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Mysteries, UFO’s, Cold Fusion, Catastrophic Geology, Carolina Bays…and more.

It’s crucial for some portion of the millions worldwide interested in these subjects to leave their keyboards and come together. Join us at Cosmic Summit 2024 in Greensboro.



Like you, the speakers at Cosmic Summit 2024 are intellectual rebels, eager to share data, speculation, and personal insights. They enjoy a global community that honors and embraces Earth’s authentic past, despite the howls of the mainstream. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of their storytelling. Join them now.

Randall Carlson

Jahannah James

scott wolter

Ben Van Kerkwyk

Chris Cottrell

Dr. Allen West

Micah Hanks

Luke Caverns

Russ Allen

Chris Cottrell

Dr. Allen West

Micah Hanks

Luke Caverns

Russ Allen

Marc Young

Dr. Kenneth Tankersley

Chandra Wickramasinghe

Dr. Steven Collins

Dr. Martin Sweatman

timothy hogan

praveen mohan

jordan collins

hugh newman

hayley ramsey

garaham phillips

brad young

Bob greenyer

Joanne Ballard

Dr. Kenneth Tankersley

Chandra Wickramasinghe

Marc Young

Dr. Steven Collins

Dr. Martin Sweatman

Timothy Hogan

Praveen Mohan

Jordan Collin

Hugh Newman

Haley Ramsey

Garaham Phillips

Brad Young

Bob Greenyer

Joanne Ballard

Cosmic Summit 2024 Venue:
Sheraton Four Seasons/Koury Convention Center

On Saturday and Sunday, we are taking over the broadway stage of the Guilford Ballroom at the Koury Convention Center, the largest and finest convention center between DC and Atlanta, and connected to the #1 rated Sheraton Four Seasons, in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. On Friday night we will invade and conquer the 1000 person Fifth Season Discotheque with Social House Vodka and the COSMOpolitan. On Day Three, we are hosting a special ticket Classroom Day with four 200-person lecture halls, each with day long curated expert presentations. More on Classroom Day will be announced at our December 23 launch event.

More Speakers
More Ideas
More Understanding
of the Past

Forgotten Ancient Technologies

Orthodoxy is silent or feckless if asked to describe or defend the tools and technology used to manufacture, construct, or transport countless ancient marvels, regardless of their size. Even seemingly ordinary artifacts, like the pre-dynastic jars of Saqqara, which are now revealed to be mathematically and physically perfect in their form, lack a satisfactory explanation for their method of creation. At CS24 we will do what we can to provide coherent speculation and explanation of these persistently “mysterious” objects and sites.

Megafaunal Extinction

In the blink of a geological eye modern humans witnessed over 200 species of large animals disappear from North America and Earth 13,000 years ago. We grew up understanding why the same thing happened to the dinosaurs 5000x deeper in the past. The Summit will explore well-published evidence and ancient myth that indicates the “Megafauna” of the late Pleistocene extinctions met a similar fate — and we saw it happen.

Controversial Archaeology

Since “Past is Prologue,” there’s good reason to understand the past. But the much beloved discipline of Archaeology has suffered in recent decades at the hands of politicized intellectual cowards who, when faced with data that diverges from received wisdom, dismiss it with “snorts of derision.” The Summit will fearlessly explore alternative interpretations of the past and respectfully listen to those that hold them.

Younger Dryas Impact Event

The Younger Dryas Impact is the Rosetta Stone of Earth and Human history. Over fifteen years and hundreds of published papers, this hypothesis has grown to become a legitimate but controversial theory which would disrupt fundamental understanding in the following disciplines: Paleoclimatology, Geology, Astronomy, Geochemistry, Archaeology, Paleontology, Atmospheric Science, Cosmology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics and Genomics, Anthropology, Planetary Science, Environmental Science, Seismology and Geophysics, Climatology and Paleoclimate Modeling, Oceanography, Astrobiology, History and Cultural Anthropology, Archaeoastronomy, Sedimentology, Public Policy and Disaster Preparedness.

Gobekli Tepe

The world’s most fascinating and mysterious archaeological site will appear again at the Cosmic Summit. In 2024 we will dig even deeper into the purpose and meaning of the Tepe sites, for which “enigmatic” is an understatement. Dating to the time of the Younger Dryas, is the site linked to the impact? And were the ancients trying to communicate that past is indeed prologue?

Megaliths, Monuments and Mounds

Impossibly massive stone constructions and earthen monuments around the world have long puzzled us. From the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge, to the great American Mounds, their method of construction and the purpose for which they were built defies easy explanation. Recent decades have revealed complex mathematical and cosmic relationships in their orientation and architecture. Some of the most informed and mystified students of these ancient structures will address the Summit in June 2024.

A Precursor Civilization

Three centuries before Christ, Plato told us a powerful and advanced civilization sank in a day and a night into the ocean 9,600 before his grandfather’s time. Fast forward to today and research reveals dramatic earth changes and sea level rise at precisely this time. Coincidence? We think not and will provide data and speculation supporting the philosopher and hundreds of cultures that witness a people before. 

The Knights & Atlantis

The Knights Templar and the modern Masons have long protected and prepared for the knowledge of a precursor civilization. This Western Esoteric tradition spans more than 1000 years, and is fortunately no longer a secret. Global practitioners of these sacred traditions will inform our audience as never before in public. 

Old Fusion

It’s high time to tell this secret and the Cosmic Summit is just the place. We are deeply involved in an ongoing global presentation of Plasmoid Technology and the Thunderstorm Generator, which we believe to be the modern manifestation of the lost technology and understanding represented by Indra’s Vajra, Zeus’s Thunderbolt, Poseidon’s Trident and the Philosopher’s Stone. Mathematicians, Physicists, Fabricators, and the man who rediscovered and built the devices are coming to Greensboro. And bringing receipts.

Cosmic Summit 24 Subjects

The Cosmic Summit is one of many events serving a global audience hungry for esoteric information and cutting-edge understandings. In order to bring targeted value to this wonderful milieu we choose to focus on Earth and humanity’s past, rather than our present or future. Our subject matter is rear-facing, and seeks to break the collective amnesia concerning our true history with data and ideas.

Past is indeed prologue.

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The Atlantean Pass: 2-Day VIP Pass at an Early Bird Price A limited offering for just 100 swift enthusiasts, this pass ensures you enjoy every VIP benefit we announce as we get closer to the event but at an Early Bird price. A nod to our dedicated community who journeyed with and supported us through Cosmic Summit 2023.


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Hotel Block
Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons

We are fortunate to be housed at the Sheraton Four Seasons in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. You’ll be a 2-minute walk from the Joseph S. Koury Convention Center and 7 minutes by foot from Four Seasons Town Centre. Three international airports are within an hour or so: CLT, RDU and GSO.



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