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The Most Interesting Speakers for the Most Curious Audience on Earth

Like you, the speakers at Cosmic Summit 2024 are intellectual rebels, eager to share data, speculation, and personal insights. They enjoy a global community that honors and embraces Earth’s authentic past, despite the howls of the mainstream. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of their storytelling. Join us now.

Speaker Name

Robert Schoch

Dr. Schoch is a faculty member at the College of General Studies at Boston University and earned his Ph.D. (1983) in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University. Schoch is the foremost scholar supporting the hypothesis that true civilization existed 12,000 years ago and was decimated by the cataclysmic events that ended the last ice age, c. 9700 BCE. With the late John Anthony West, in the early 1990s Schoch uncovered geological evidence indicating the Great Sphinx is millennia older than c. 2500 BCE. Subsequently, the 12,000-year-old megalithic site of Göbekli Tepe confirmed Schoch’s assertions regarding the greater antiquity of civilization. Challenging mainstream opinion, Schoch is known through books, articles, television, radio, conferences, and podcasts like Joe Rogan, leaving millions questioning conventional dogma. Schoch contends the catastrophe at the end of the last ice age was induced by solar outbursts, a well-supported hypothesis which is welcomed at the summit as we untangle some of our deepest mysteries. Schoch travels the world with his wife, Catherine Ulissey, in search of a better understanding of humanity’s past. www.robertschoch.com

Speaker Name

Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson returns again to share his lifetime of wisdom concerning earth and human history. As discussed many times with Joe Rogan, his subjects span the interests of a global audience, including Cosmic Catastrophes in prehistory, the evidence supporting a recently tortured earth, the Eastern and Western traditions of a precursor civilization. and Sacred Geometry driving miraculous new understandings of reality which appears to have arrived. Join Randall and his crew all weekend and follow him on Twitter at @randallwcarlson, visit him at RandallCarlson.com, and subscribe to Kosmographia: The Randall Carlson Podcast for his latest work and insights.

Speaker Name

Jahannah James

Jahannah James, co-hosting CS24 with Micah Hanks, is a talented, well-traveled and curious UK-based comedian and Ancient History Geek who uses charm, wit and insight to challenge historical orthodoxy. Her expertly crafted videos have popularized alternative understandings of ancient history for curious humans around our globe. Jahannah has built a following of 1.3 million on Facebook, 125k on Instagram, and 200k on YouTube through her Funny Olde World channels. Give her a follow @funnyoldeworld on YouTube and come Laugh, Learn and Think with her this June.

Speaker Name

Scott Wolter

Scott Wolter is a forensic geologist, scholar of Knights Templar, and eight-season host of ‘America Unearthed’ on the Travel Channel. Scott will reveal jaw-dropping new information about the Western Tradition and secrets of Atlantis as protected for centuries by the Templars and Masons. Recent cryptic translations combined with his previous work constitute the strongest evidence ever presented for multiple, deliberate and directed Pre-Columbian European contact with North America and its Native Peoples, in pursuit of a New Atlantis. You can find Scott on Twitter at @realscottwolter.

Speaker Name

Ben Van Kerkwyk

A two-time Joe Rogan guest, Ben Van Kerkwyk helms the meticulously produced @unchartedx YouTube channel where he provides evidence for lost technology and alternative historical interpretations to fans worldwide. Ben spends months each year traveling the globe and crawling into the deepest chambers of our murky history so that you don’t have to. His careful reasoning and hands on experience lead him to conclude that our taught history is willfully ignorant of a global cataclysm at 12,900 years ago that left us a species with amnesia. You can check Ben’s work out on @unchartedx on YouTube and X and join him in Greensboro where he will reveal his latest discoveries and insights into earth and human history.

Speaker Name

Praveen Mohan

The Cosmic Summit is blessed to have an ancient history superstar join us this year in North Carolina, Mr. Praveen Mohan. In contrast to western institutions and their echo chamber of experts, Praveen's powerful voice takes the ancient “tales” and the people who told them seriously. In English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, Mohan teaches millions the fantastic truth behind obscure ancient architecture and reveals hard evidence – in plain sight – for lost understandings, missing technologies and hidden history. His insights @realpraveenmohan span the glove and reveal an ancient cultural landscape that was informed, capable and directly connected to the cosmos. His appearances are rare, and Praveen is special, please join us.

Speaker Name

Hugh Newman

Hugh Newman is a world explorer, megalithomaniac and author. Hugh will be sharing his insight, analysis and intuition regarding the mysteries of Gobekli Tepe. Hugh has written three books and is regular guest on History Channel's Ancient Aliens and Search for the Lost Giants. He is a video producer who publishes regular films of his worldwide explorations at www.youtube.com/MegalithomaniaUK. As well as organizing the annual Megalithomania conferences and tours, he co-organizes the Origins Conference in London with Andrew Collins and has spoken at events in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, Egypt, Bosnia, Cambodia, Java and North America. He currently lives in Wiltshire, England.

Speaker Name

Luke caverns

Luke Caverns returns from the Mayan jungle to join us in Greensboro. An intrepid figure in the field and intellectually, he personifies the balance of informed speculation and hard data that define the Cosmic Summit. Traditionally educated in Anthropology, Luke is on an exciting public journey to inform curious people worldwide of an immense and more interesting past as new new technologies lay bare the forest of the Amazon and Meso-America. His carefully produced and thoughtful videos add depth and understanding to the overwhelming world of shallow social media. Check him out @lukecaverns and come meet him in Greensboro.

Speaker Name


Micah is a writer, podcaster, and creator/co-founder of The Debrief. His research and podcasts cover history, archaeology, science, technology and the future of humankind. This year, Micah will be co-hosting the Cosmic Summit with fellow podcaster Jahannah James.A longtime researcher and proponent of the scientific study of unidentified aerial phenomena, and the Younger Dryas Impact Event, Micah has authored a number of books and has contributed many essays, articles and blogs to various publications. He is host of The Micah Hanks Program and a number of other podcasts, and is cofounder and creative force behind The Debrief, a news site that explores the latest in science and disruptive technology.

Speaker Name

Dr Chrandra Wickramasinghe

Chandra is a British mathematician & astrobiologist, whose research interests include the interstellar medium, the origin of life, comets and the early Solar System. A student & collaborator Sir Fred Hoyle, the pair were influential proponents of panspermia, the hypothesis that life exist throughout the Universe and is spread by space dust, meteors and comets.